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Latin Street Food, served as it’s prepared

Hand Smashed Avocado| Mexican Cotija Cheese | Mango “Pico de Gallo” 6.75 (V, GF)
Add Pasión Fruit Salsa 2.00
Iberian Platter Serrano Dry Cured Ham with Fruit | Spanish Sheep Cheese | Marinated Spanish Olives 14.00
Grilled Fresh Sweet Corn Chile Aioli | Lime | Mexican Cotija Cheese 6.00 (V, GF)
Bacon Wrapped Plantains Pecan Romesco Sauce | Sherry Vinegar “Agrodolce” 6.00 (GF)
Empanadas Plantain Turnovers | Spinach | Goat Cheese| Pepper “Escabeche” 9.75 (V, GF)
Pasión Ceviche Yellow Tail | Green Chile Passion Fruit Salsa | Avocado 14.00
Fire and Ice Tostada Tuna | Coconut | Habanero | Passion Fruit Sorbet 14.00 (GF)
Ensalada de Casa Organic Field Greens| Toasted Quinoa | Tomatoes | Cucumber | Avocado| Mango| Jalapeno Dressing 8.75 (V, GF)
Sopa de Tortilla Chipotle Tomato Soup | Corn | Green Chile | Black Beans | Crema 6.50 (V, GF)
Crispy Artichokes Parmesan Egg Dipped | Saffron Aioli 7.50 (V, GF)
Cauliflower a la Plancha Moroccan Spices | Curried Cashews 7.00 (V, GF)
Albondigas Mexican Meat Balls | Chipotle Tomato Marinara 8.00 (GF)
Tuna Tacu Tacu Garbanzo Cake | Spicy Tuna | Chile Aioli 11.50
Duck Taquitos Green and Yellow Chile | Pickled Vegetables | Mexican Cotija Cheese 8.00 (GF)
Chicharron de Mariscos Crispy Mixed Seafood | Pickled Vegetables | Spicy Tartar Sauce 10.00
Yuquitas Yuca Fritters | Spanish Sheep Cheese | Parmesan 9.00
Grilled Brazilian Cheese Bread Cactus | New Mexico Red Chile | Local Grilled Vegetables 10.00 (V, GF)
Sweet Potato Gnocchi Sweet Butter | Chimichurri | Parmesan 9.00

Platos Principales

Banana Chip Fish Tacos Red Cabbage | Avocado | Chipotle Mayo | Lime 11.00

Carnitas Tacos Crispy Pulled Pork | Cilantro | Red Onion | Sundried Tomato Aioli 11.00 (GF)

Quesadilla Cubano Braised Pulled Pork | Shaved Ham | Swiss Cheese | Dill Pickle | Grain Mustard 11.00

La Governadora Angus Beef Burger| Crispy Green Chili | Bacon | American Cheese | Chipotle Mayo 11.75

Croque Senorita Roasted Pork Chop | Fried Egg | Garbanzo Cake | Peruvian Mint Sauce 15.75

Caribbean Chicken Adobo Rub | White Rice | Mashed Ripe Plantain | Bacon 15.00 (GF)


Fountain Drinks Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange Fanta, Dr. Pepper, Raspberry Tea, Unsweetened Tea 2.75 (Free Refills)
Bottled Drinks Mexican bottled Coca Cola, Fanta, Jarritos, Non-Alcoholic Sangria, or Perrier Mineral Water 2.90
Aguas Frescas Iced Drinks Made From Infusions of Water and Herbs, Grains, Fruits, or Vegetables 2.75 (Refills - 1.00)
Coffee or Hot Tea Fresh Coffee Locally Roasted by Fatboy Coffee Roasters 2.85 (Free Refills)


Estrella Damm (Spain) 5.00
San Miguel (Phillipines) 5.00
Negra Modelo (Mexico) 5.00
Tecate (Mexico) 4.50
Tecate Light (Mexico) 4.00
Dos X Lager (Mexico) 4.50
32 oz. Corona Familiar (Mexico) 8.00
16 oz. Draft Beers Market Price


Dona Paula Malbec (Argentina) Glass 7.75 | Bottle 23.50
Dona Paula Sauvignon Blanc (Argentina) Glass 7.75 | Bottle 23.50
Wine Special Market Price
V - Vegetarian, GF - Gluten Free
20% Gratuity added to parties of 6 or more
Please, no separate checks for parties of 6 or more people
Ask about our frequent diner card
Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness


Pastel De Queso Goat Cheese Cheesecake | Mango Caramel | Graham Cracker Crust 6.00
Azteca Bread Pudding Chocolate | Goat Milk Caramel | New Mexico Red Chile 6.00
Pasión Platano Cake Banana Custard Cake| Cinnamon and Vanilla | Passion Fruit Mousse 7.00
Picarrones Sweet Potato Peruvian Doughnuts | Brown Sugar Rum Sauce 6.00


Margarita Made with 100% Blue Agave Cayman Jack Margaritas 6.75
Jalapeno Margarita Jalapeno Infused Gold Tequila, Lime, and Salt 6.75
Sangria Roja Citrus infused Red Wine 7.00 | Pitcher 23.00
Pasión Sangria Passion Fruit and Citrus Infused White Wine 7.00 | Pitcher 23.00
Mojito Muddled Mint and Lime with Rhumbero Rum 6.50
Cuba Libre Spiced Rum and Coke with a Spritz of Lime 6.25
Michelada Mexican Beer Mixed with Citrus Juice, and Assorted Sauces, Spices, and peppers 6.00
Agua Fresca con Rum Try Our Fresh Aguas Frescas with Rhumbero Rum 6.25
Cocktail Special Market Price